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Prices shown is for a 24 hours(1 day) display of your Ads.

Ads can be in the form of Videos like youtube embeds OR Image OR Words

An image (gif/jpg/png) covers a max. length 1160 pixels by width 250pixels, max. size 500kb which we can help you compress.

Visitors clicking on the Ad will be redirected to your website link.

For text ads, you can cover an area approximately the same size as an image.

Default Run of your Ads start from Singapore Time GMT+8,

00:00hrs to 23:59hrs for a day.

If you need your Ads to start at a different timing, please indicate on the right handside using the GMT+8 clock and calendar.

Money-Saving Options on the Right

Save S$50 for 30 Days purchase

Save S$300 for 180 Days purchase

Save S$800 for 365 Days purchase

Online Payment is made to: shop@iloveabcd.com

Offline Payment is made to: iloveabcd Pte Ltd

Too complicated? Call us +65 3158 2195 or 8251 2191 to book an Ad.


Ads2.1 Per Day

  • Brand: Sporela.com
  • Product Code: ads2.1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SGD$73.99

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